Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Feeling Christmassy

Bbbrrrr it was so cold this morning,the weather forecast had said the temperature would drop rapidly during night and into the early hours and we woke up to clear blue skies...

And a frost sparkling over the roof tops and our foxgloves had a dusting of what looked like icing sugar on a mince pie..

Inside it's warm and cosy with the coal fire burning and we have nothing to go out for,the farthest we will roam today will be to the bird table to feed our feathered friends..

Last weekend we were up early as there was a Christmas fair being held in the church hall down in town,it is organised by a local charity shop who have tables groaning with Christmas baubles,tinsel,candle holders,fairy lights,Christmas Trees,stockings,santa hats,tea and cakes are on offer and a tombola with prizes galore.

I have been so excited to go for weeks,here are a few of my Christmas purchases,

I rummaged under tables in big boxes with another lady who was as excited as me,so much fun and took me way back to school jumble sales were me and my sister would search for something lovely for Mum..i managed to find a selection of old glass baubles..

Some in traditional  red,gold and green and an embroidered  linen table cloth with bells and poinsettia..

Some in a more shabby palette of rose pink,silver,pale blue and soft gold with an other embroidered table cloth this time with burning candles and a pretty pink bow...

A box full of Christmas picks in a cheery box covered in Santa's little helpers...

Lovely glass baubles in cranberry red,Christmas red and gold,their were rosey red apples and fir cones and glossy berries all on wire and a welcome collection to my sewing room to be used in my creations...

I found two little knitted boots just the right size for bags of snacks and a new squeaky toy...

For a little someone shhhhhh Beatrix is always listening and not just for a crisp packet rustling..

After filling my shopping bag and chatting with some of the volunteers i have made friends with i made my way home full of festive cheer....i called into my local flower shop were i buy Beatrix's biscuits and potted flowers through the year and i  treated myself to a Christmassy red cyclamen...

And next door in the charity shop i found these two lovely pink crocheted coat hangers,i have a small collection of these and can never pass them by so was pleased to find them waiting for me,they make me think of childhood too and Mum has always loved them and padded flower covered hangers..

Onto the newsagents to look for Christmas cards for close friends and family and look what i found sitting up on the shelf? the Christmas edition of 'Down Your Way' isn't it a lovely cover with a cheery Santa Clause smiling away?
It's a lovely little monthly magazine full of Yorkshire memories with lovely old pictures and stories inside..

The nights are drawing in so early now and i just stopped for a minute so i could put a shovel full of coal on the fire,have to keep the home fires burning while Jack Frost's about!

I'm going to pull the curtains to and light the lamps and then i am going to snuggle up on the sofa with Beatrix and read all about the olden days and Christmas time in Yorkshire,would you like to join us? i can soon make another cup of tea,help yourself to a piece of chocolate won't you? do you take one lump or two?....

I hope all is well 'Down Your Way' and that you are cosy and warm and looking forward to Christmas and all the joy it brings.

Will you join me next time for more tales and goings on from Shingle Cottage?


Thursday, 10 November 2016

Christmas Cake

All across Yorkshire there's huffing and puffing as wooden spoons battle to beat sugar into butter,it's that time of year when our traditions and recipes of old are warmly welcomed into our homes, round and round the bowl we go with the little breaks inbetween to rest our weary wrists,flour,sticky syrup,eggs and tablespoons of cold tea wait to be added to the mixture along with bowls or rich dark fruits and spices and glossy glace cherries.

The  oven has warmed the kitchen and O Holy Night rings out in the back ground 'Fall on your knee's oh hear the angels voices'....the lovely rich brown mixture is spooned into the waiting tins and popped into the warm oven for two and a half hours while the pots and bowls are washed up in warm soapy water,tommorow while shopping I will pop a bottle of sherry into my basket so our Christmas cakes can be pricked and soaked in the run up to Christmas and a little glass might be enjoyed by the fireside as the evening light begins to fade.

I hope you are all well and looking forward to your weekend,i hope it is kind to you what ever you may be up to? maybe be baking a Christmas Cake?

Will you join me next time for more tales and goings on from Shingle Cottage?