Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Just A Note....

Out into the darkness there shines a cozy light
So all who walk the garden path can see into the night...

Just a little note to say 'Sleep Tight and Sweet Dreams' 

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Cover Girl

Hello Again,

Over in Italy at the moment there is a beautiful magazine on the news stands called Casa De Sogno which translates to 'dream house' and it is an honour and a blessing to tell you our little Shingle Cottage is the cover girl with  nine pages inside beautifully put together by Francesca Cuoghi.

The publication does not post outside of Italy and i know a few of you had asked to let you know how you could get a hold of a copy so  Francesca has given me permission to post it here on my blog for you my readers around the world.

Thank you so much  Casa De Sogno & Francesca x

  I have a paper copy on it's way to Shingle Cottage which will be a lovely souvenir to keep and look back on.

Thank you all for your lovely words on my last post,i do appreciate you all stopping by and leaving little notes for me to read while i curl up with a nice cup of tea,i promise i will write to you more often,sending good wishes for you all to have a wonderful day.

Will you join me next time for more tales and goings on at Shingle Cottage?


Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Flowers on a rainy day

Walking through the cottage garden this morning and all our flowers are sleeping,no colour,no blooms,I popped up my umbrella and listened to the sound of rain drops pitter pattering as i walked down the hill to town twiddling my brolly while dreaming of Spring,in and out of shops looking at this and looking at that,saying a cheery 'hello and a 'how are you?' and then in my favourite charity shop high up on a shelf i found these three tiny pots of china flowers in exchange for a few golden coins,i climbed the hill home,opened the gate and hurried down the garden path to be greeted by Beatrix and her wagging tail,i filled the sink with soapy water and gave every little petal a soapy wash and then arranged them on a little shelf in my kitchen below my Christie Repasy Designs Bible Verse rose and flower print,it's as if all the rain had opened every bloom filling our kitchen with flowers and just in time for a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake x

Wishing you all a lovely day x