Friday, 30 December 2016

So This Is Christmas

Wasn't it lovely? I do love Christmas time and being snuggled up at home with candles burning brightly..

It was just the three of us this year and I have pampered my Steve and shared half of everything I have nibbled with Beatrix...

I had a beautifully decorated parcel arrive with the postman from my lovely and dear friend Sheryl who I affectionately call Mrs S.D as these are her initials and she in turn calls me Mrs S.C for Shingle Cottage...

Inside were all these handmade gifts,isn't Mrs S.D clever? handmade soaps which smell lovely and are waiting by my bath,a padded heart and other gorgeous bits and bobs,do you see the jingle bell at the top of the picture? that was wrapped with Beatrix's name on it from Auntie Sheryl...awwww.

A beautifully decorated journal which I have a plan for,it has a garden theme with cabbage roses,birds,watering cans and two friends! a little spool jewelled decoration was inside too and a needle felted brooch...

Which i love,i just adore the colours....a cottage by the sea with a flower garden what more could a girl wish for? i can't wait to wear this on my Spring and Summer coats and jackets..

Thank you so very much for our beautiful presents Mrs S.D it was so kind and thoughtful of you,i will treasure all the loveliness you have sent me xxx

Here's Beatrix pushing her jingle bell with her nose and with a knitted pink hot water bottle from Grandma,Beatrix loves hot water bottles and will snuggle up against them to stay cozy so Mum knew this would be a perfect present for her,she has been so spoiled this year with her stocking full of snacks and her reindeer jumper from our good friends which i have forgotten to photograph oops!

Mum popped this little 'I've been good this year' card in Beatrix's stocking and i wanted to share with you how she signs our cards,my Dad passed away many years ago now but Mum always puts him on our cards and doodles a little angel on a cloud,i think it's so sweet... Angel with the paw print is Mum's little dog..

We have had the fire roaring this week and the candles glowing and  fairy lights twinkling...

We had our Christmas dinner by the fireside so we could enjoy the Christmas tree with a bottle of fizz!

I made Steve's favourite boozy brandy trifle and i will be making another today ready for tonight (New Years Eve)

We cut into our homemade Christmas cake (Mum's old recipe) and had it with a tangy,crumbly Wensleydale cheese as is tradition here in Yorkshire dating back to the Victorian times,it goes so well with a nice cup of tea...

It's early New Years Eve morning here at Shingle Cottage and i'm about to start making the base for boozy brandy trifle.....Steve and Beatrix are still sleeping but a cooked breakfast will wake them in a few hours.

Here's Steve over Christmas raising a glass and i am raising my cup of tea as i sit here writing to you and i would like to wish you all the very best for the coming New Year!

Have a very happy New Year when it comes!

Will you join me next time for more tales and goings on from Shingle Cottage?...


Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Christmas Trimmings

Christmas time is upon us and it's time to deck the halls at our little cottage.

The old clock is wearing her crown of pine cones and berries...

I brought a miniature potted rose home from town ..

In a Christmas velvet cranberry that will be planted in the cottage garden after it has finished flowering..

A sweet little angel that an elderly lady crocheted for me many years ago,my regular readers may remember she knitted me a little Easter chick for my Easter's lovely to find such treasures with meaning amongst the decorations at this time of year...

All together on the kitchen window ledge,i moved the lace curtain up to the top of the window so the lights and baubles can be seen from the garden when visitors come to the kitchen door...

Outside the window our porch and garden arch are twinkling into the night...

Back inside snow babies,swans and Victorian style baubles have been hung on the Christmas tree..
Along with rose covered Santa's carried carefully home from New York many moons ago,tiny cottage glass baubles and lace and glitter covered baubles made and sent by a friend a few years ago...

The floors have been painted with fresh coats of paint for a  White Christmas ...

All is calm all is bright

We just need  Steve to break up for Christmas on Friday and then the fire will be roaring and it will be time for a glass of bubbly by candle light.

Tomorrow I am baking mince pies and checking I have everything on my shopping list for a last little trip down to town.

I would like to take a moment to wish you all a very Merry Christmas from our cottage to yours and thank you for all your kind words throughout the year.

Will you join me next time for more tales and goings on from Shingle Cottage?


Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Special Delivery

There was a rat a tat tat on the door early yesterday morning,it was the postman with a special delivery from a lovely friend called Niki,inside was a lovely card with one of my favourite birds the blackbird on top holding a festive sprig.

I sent Niki a message asking if it was ok to peek inside and she said yes,i had sent Niki a parcel earlier in the week not knowing she had posted one to me at the same time,such a lovely surprise...

I opened my present very carefully and found the most beautiful vintage dolls china tea tray adorned with cabbage roses,so beautiful..

As I carefully  lifted the packaging underneath I pulled out teacups,a sugar bowl,cream jug, a miniature tea set of rosey loveliness,thank you so very much Niki I will treasure your very thoughtful and generous gift always x

I popped it on a shelf in an old corner cupboard that Steve very kindly put up on the wall at my side of the bed next to my tiny Christmas tree trimmed with Grandma's sparkly brooch,old bracelets and aurora borealis clip on earings, as I stood admiring my Christmas present I heard the chinking of tiny china and pot legs...

The little ones had climbed down from their shelves to see what was going on...where did it come from they asked ?...from the best place I told them 'from a friend with love'

Oh what a lovely thing to do they cried as they shuffled around while oohing and ahhing at all the little roses...'it's so pretty' a little rabbit declared,i smiled and nodded 'it is isn't it?'..

All of a sudden there was a clattering in the front room,i wondered through and found one of Niki's large rag dolls climbing out of the Christmas decoration box... 'are you ok?' I said in a hushed voice...I thought,I mean,i wanted...ermmm, please could I have my own Christmas tree?' she asked...

'Of course you can' I told her it is Christmas after all,she helped herself to little tiny baubles that matched her skirt,some tinsel for her little tree and a basket of berries..... thankfully there was enough for me to finish trimming the big tree today..

As the light began to fade I heard tiny voices singing 'silent night,holy night all is calm all is bright'  I walked through to the bedroom and there in the dark with the Christmas tree twinkling was a little gathering of happy friends enjoying Christmas time and all the loveliness it brings, a bit like me and Niki and all of our friends from around the world....

Awww those little faces

Niki makes the most beautiful creations,fairies and dolls and if you would like to go and have a peek at her online shop here is a link for you

I hope you are all having fun this week with the  run up to Christmas day,have you remembered everything? all wrapped? tree trimmed? don't worry if not we all get to do it all again next year.
I'll be back before the big day with some pictures of our Christmas tree until then take care and Merry Christmas wishes from our cottage to yours..

Will you join us next time for more goings on from Shingle Cottage?


Thursday, 1 December 2016

Something Old and a few things new

I have made a few changes in our kitchen this last few weeks and one of them is this little barbola mirror that was delivered a week or so ago,it sits on the kitchen window ledge and I love how it reflects the china on the plate rack behind...

I made a lace panel for the window out of a vintage table cloth which looks lovely by lamp light on an evening,the cottage garden is now sleeping so this  flowery ledge will keep me going until spring.

I have my bunch of silk flowers in an old rose print jug which might be getting swapped for a little Christmas tree this weekend...

The barbola is lovely and worn and crackled here and there...

But still has  lots of charm for a cottage kitchen window ledge..

I love the old,aged and time worn things the most don't you?

Will you join me next time for more tales and goings on from Shingle Cottage?


Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Feeling Christmassy

Bbbrrrr it was so cold this morning,the weather forecast had said the temperature would drop rapidly during night and into the early hours and we woke up to clear blue skies...

And a frost sparkling over the roof tops and our foxgloves had a dusting of what looked like icing sugar on a mince pie..

Inside it's warm and cosy with the coal fire burning and we have nothing to go out for,the farthest we will roam today will be to the bird table to feed our feathered friends..

Last weekend we were up early as there was a Christmas fair being held in the church hall down in town,it is organised by a local charity shop who have tables groaning with Christmas baubles,tinsel,candle holders,fairy lights,Christmas Trees,stockings,santa hats,tea and cakes are on offer and a tombola with prizes galore.

I have been so excited to go for weeks,here are a few of my Christmas purchases,

I rummaged under tables in big boxes with another lady who was as excited as me,so much fun and took me way back to school jumble sales were me and my sister would search for something lovely for Mum..i managed to find a selection of old glass baubles..

Some in traditional  red,gold and green and an embroidered  linen table cloth with bells and poinsettia..

Some in a more shabby palette of rose pink,silver,pale blue and soft gold with an other embroidered table cloth this time with burning candles and a pretty pink bow...

A box full of Christmas picks in a cheery box covered in Santa's little helpers...

Lovely glass baubles in cranberry red,Christmas red and gold,their were rosey red apples and fir cones and glossy berries all on wire and a welcome collection to my sewing room to be used in my creations...

I found two little knitted boots just the right size for bags of snacks and a new squeaky toy...

For a little someone shhhhhh Beatrix is always listening and not just for a crisp packet rustling..

After filling my shopping bag and chatting with some of the volunteers i have made friends with i made my way home full of festive cheer....i called into my local flower shop were i buy Beatrix's biscuits and potted flowers through the year and i  treated myself to a Christmassy red cyclamen...

And next door in the charity shop i found these two lovely pink crocheted coat hangers,i have a small collection of these and can never pass them by so was pleased to find them waiting for me,they make me think of childhood too and Mum has always loved them and padded flower covered hangers..

Onto the newsagents to look for Christmas cards for close friends and family and look what i found sitting up on the shelf? the Christmas edition of 'Down Your Way' isn't it a lovely cover with a cheery Santa Clause smiling away?
It's a lovely little monthly magazine full of Yorkshire memories with lovely old pictures and stories inside..

The nights are drawing in so early now and i just stopped for a minute so i could put a shovel full of coal on the fire,have to keep the home fires burning while Jack Frost's about!

I'm going to pull the curtains to and light the lamps and then i am going to snuggle up on the sofa with Beatrix and read all about the olden days and Christmas time in Yorkshire,would you like to join us? i can soon make another cup of tea,help yourself to a piece of chocolate won't you? do you take one lump or two?....

I hope all is well 'Down Your Way' and that you are cosy and warm and looking forward to Christmas and all the joy it brings.

Will you join me next time for more tales and goings on from Shingle Cottage?