Saturday, 21 March 2015

Spring Time

Hello,i hope you are all well?

We have had a lot of chilly cold days enjoying the warmth of the  coal fire...
 But also some lovely sunny days where we have been able to work in the garden hoeing the flower beds and adding a lovely mulch of farmyard manure to give all those herbaceous perennials a good feed after their long sleep through Winter..
All tidy and ready to grow...down by the picket fence a large hydrangea has been moved and the bed prepared for larkspurs and cornflowers in shades of blue,white,pink,mauves,purples and carmine's so good to be out and about in the garden making plans,moving plants and sowing seeds...
 It is also lovely to have washing blowing on the line under blue,blue skies.....
Our picket fence has had a clean and three fresh coats of paint in a very pale grey white which looks lovely against the green laurel hedge,you can see the before and after below...
 The  lavenders by the picket fence have had a liquid feed and they should green up in the next week or so...can you see Beatrix  coming to see what's going on?...

The crocus have burst into colour and so have the egg plants which is really early! the lupin leaves are really starting to grow....
 Snowdrops have enjoyed the warmth of the sun...
 Here come the daffodils and it won't be long before the rhododendron flower too...Our garden is starting to wake from her deep sleep...
 Out and about on our drives we have noticed Spring is here,hedgerows are turning green with tiny green leaf buds,Beatrix loves to loll out of the window and feel the breeze in her hair...
 The farmers crops are starting to grow...just look at the sky! 
 Daffodils were everywhere on this afternoon's drive,lovely little golden faces all facing the sunshine...
 So lovely and bright and cheery along the hedgerows...
 We passed a flock of guinea fowl chattering away....
 We passed baby Spring lambs too basking in the warmth of the sun...
I saw something from the corner of my eye running on the left hand side of the road,do you see him?
We stopped the car and he was good enough to pose for a picture,a March hare...Spring is here...
We saw a pair boxing in the field but i wasn't quick enough to capture a good picture...if you have never seen them there is a lovely film here from youtube 

 After watching the match it was time to drive home and light the fire... 
We are going to be up early in the morning and moving wheelbarrows full of gravel ready to dig a large bed to be filled with old roses,foxgloves,lavenders and climbing hydrangea....
 Before all that shoveling and digging we are going to have a good nights sleep...awww it looks like little Beatrix has started before us :)

Will you join me next time for more tales and goings on from Shingle Cottage?


  1. It looks so beautiful in your country! And your house looks cozy and comfortable.

    Amy Jo

  2. Oh what Spring Time bliss! So fun to see all of the lovely bits of countryside, I so miss all of the naturalized daffs, snowdrops, and the aubrietia cascading over the old stone walls. Oh you are making me so homesick!! Thanks for sharing all of your special moments.

  3. Lovely pictures and how nice to see Spring coming to life in your part of the world! We are at about the same stage here in Ohio. I'm sure the anticipation of your garden coming to life shortly is exciting. When we lived in NY I had a lot of gardening beds and was always happy to see things sprouting up in the Spring. (Not so happy in July and August when the weeds got out of control though!).

  4. What a wonderful post and beautiful glad you are is such a lovely personal way to express your passions and life. Thank you!
    Victoria Silva

  5. Oh how lovely to read your post - glad all is going well. We still have snow here in CT - 6 more inches today! Still waiting for signs of spring, and am getting anxious to start in the garden. Your plans for the new bed sound wonderful, can't wait to see photos of it all in bloom.

  6. Ahhh...lovely spring has awoken your blog K!! ;-)
    It's such a positive month, isn't it? And gardening has a wonderful therapeutic effect on us too...I can't wait to get out and do some more in mine today...
    Loved your photos...enjoy the season,
    Niki x
    PS: I hadn't realized about boxing hares until's actually mostly the females that do it, not the males! Handbags at dawn! :)

  7. You are always an inspiration! I've missed your posts!

  8. Everything looks such beautiful where you live. Wonderful pictures.

  9. There is nothing quite like the English countryside in spring. I have long wanted to see the wild daffodils in spring, inspired by Wordsworth's poem, "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud." I have visited his Dove cottage and large estate twice, once in 2001 and again in 2006. Oh how I earn to return. Anyway. Your lovely garden will be wonderful in full bloom. You two have worked so hard and I have enjoyed watching your work turn to beauty. Here were will be outside today working in the yard. I will do clean up and prune the roses. We also have potatoes, garlic and onions to plant. Little Beatrix looks like she offers her moral support. What a cutie she is. Have a wonderful week.

  10. Hooray a Shingle Cottage post,the garden is looking exciting,all the plants that you are choosing sound wonderful cannot wait to see them! Beatrix is a lucky pup snuggled up next to the fire.Kind Regards Pam.

  11. How wonderful Spring is after the really cold winter you have had. Your pictures are beautiful, I love reading your posts. Enjoy your garden and cottage.

    Kind regards,

  12. Those hares seems to be having a wonderful time. It's a mating ritual I suppose!? Beautiful pictures on your blog today - a real introduction to Spring.

  13. Rather envious of you being able to garden already over there! We had six inches of snow on the first day of spring in the US.. gardening seems such a long way away... thank you for sharing yours - it has given me hope that spring will soon be here too!

    Happy Gardening!

  14. All so beautiful ... I just love it! So cosy and pretty xxx

  15. It's so beautiful there! You live in an enchanted land... and i don't think there is any cuter fireplace in the whole wide world...


  16. Spring arrived here a couple of weeks ago and now it has left us again, it is chucking down today grey and cold and horrid!!

  17. Hi sweet friend across the pond! I finally have my new blog up and running! Please come on over and visit! xoxo

  18. I worked my way back through your posts and arrived this far back. Your dog is so cute! Love your garden progress. We can't wait for spring but the next 3 days have reverted back to winter. I have a Beatrix Potter Cottage Garden and so look forward to seeing it come alive!


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