Monday, 10 February 2014

Little Cottage Hallway

hello again :)

Are you well? Did you have a lovely weekend?

I had a wonderful weekend with Steve and we have been plotting what we are going to be getting up to next here at Shingle Cottage ...... We have ordered four fruit tree's,A braeburn Apple,Victoria Plum, A Stella Cherry and a conference pear,We already have two apple trees and a pear so i guess we are going to have mini fruit orchard.

I am dreaming  in a few years time that i will be baking apple pie,cherry pie,making chutney and apple sauce..Well this is one dream i know will come true,the thing i find with dreams is you just have give them a push and start them,We shall plant the trees and then get on with finishing  Shingle Cottage and in a few years when everything is where it is supposed to be the trees will be fruiting and the dream will be here.

It has been very cold lately although we have had some wonderful sunny days and yesterday we sat in the kitchen with boiled eggs and soldiers as we chatted away looking out of the window at the garden.

We have wanted to get out and potter in the garden but everything is sleeping..that is apart from the delphiniums and lupins,there are tiny leaves begin to push through the earth,I can't wait for our cottage garden to feel the sunshine and warmer days ahead and then they will arise from the earth as if on command straight as arrows and burst into colour.

Oh yes i remember the colour and the bees and butterflies....Ahhh Spring is on it's way! snowdrops and daffodils are peeping through in the cottage garden,It won't be long now.

On a few really cold mornings last week i hurried out of bed carrying Beatrix straight into the front room and piled up the kindle and lit the open fire,i then wrapped her in a feather duvet on the sofa and popped the kettle on.

I made a cup of tea and a hot water bottle,the hot water bottle i placed under the duvet so Beatrix had under duvet heating.

You can see below how this looked ;)

After half an hour had passed she would slide out but still keep her tummy close to the heat,it seems i have started a new tradition as she sits here every morning now waiting for her hot water bottle,not that i mind at all but it is funny none the less. 

Talking of the kitchen,Do you remember a few posts ago i said i would show you the hallway and the little space between the front room and kitchen door where a bunch of flowers you can just see at the bottom of this picture below on the right sits?

Well just above the flowers you can see a blue green line which is the edge of a mirror....

This blue green mirror!

So this is my tiny end of the hall of of three foot steps from front room to kitchen :) 

The brass ships oil lamp is Steve's and it tilts and turns so its always straight while on the sea,i haven't seen it tilt since he hung it which i think is a good thing ;)

I wanted something under the mirror as it looked so bare to me but not much would fit,i went up to the attic and hunted around and found an old dark wood Victorian plant stand that fit perfectly and gave it a coat of white paint,i added a tin bird house that i painted white and pale pink and up in the top cupboard i found a dark grey pot rabbit and i painted her pale pink too!

The bunny sits on the floor underneath the legs and the bird house just fit on the rungs in the middle,things were looking much better.

A green enamel jug and some faux flowers for colour and 'bringing the outside in' sits on top!

I love greens and pinks and it ties in with the colours i used at the other end of the hall which you can see in the reflection above and here below..

In between the two mirrors i squeezed a settle bench and dressed it in green and pink floral cushions...Steve hung a sign we had painted a few years ago above the front room door.

   'Friends And Family Gather Here'.....Perfect i think.....Makes me smile when i come through from the kitchen with a tray of hot tea and biscuits...

The view through the door you haven't seen yet have you? i shall have to share this with you soon i think ;)

I love how Steve's oil lamp reflects twice with it being so close to the mirror and seeing floral wallpaper twice is always a good thing too!

So that's our little hall and all the little bits and bobs that we brought with us when we moved to our Shingle Cottage that have now found somewhere to live just like us.

I did like our hallway before and there is a lot to be said for space....

But i love cottage cozy :)

I intend to fill Shingle Cottage with pretty bits and pieces all my days long!

Will you join me next time for more tales and goings on from Shingle Cottage?