Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Paint,Floors,Time for a picnic?

Hello dear readers!
Thank you all for your lovely comments on my last post and i am so glad you all approve of the decor so far,I sat in there with a hot chocolate on Saturday night and i looked around and thought so  this is where i will curl up in my pj's and watch a movie,i still can't really believe it looks like this and i can not stop playing with those fairy lights they are so pretty when it's dark and it's all a bit new,I think every girl should have fairy lights somewhere in her home. 

Pretty flowers arrived along with my neighbor at the weekend 'just because'...She had seen the pink trug they were sat in and she said she thought of me,I wonder why? ;)

The Victorian Women's Recipe Book was a present from my lovely Mum,It has lots of pages for you to write your own recipes in with titles such as 'starters' 'puddings' etc...I must get my  Grandma's Christmas Cake recipe from Mum to copy into my book and then i can have a go later on this year.

I  primed the cupboard doors and worktop in the little laundry and gave them  two top coats of  my hand mixed seafoam....I did it the old fashioned way and i have to say i rather enjoyed it.....The colour is much brighter than this but i think my camera must have been left on beach bright light setting as it looks almost grey here.....I used Farrow & Ball  paint and the mix was half a tin of Wimborne White,A big dollop of Green Blue and a splash of Arsenic....

I will take more pictures this weekend to show you the true colour.

I painted all the shelves inside and filled the bottom one up on Sunday morning with all my buys i have been stashing,I have two or three of everything which makes Steve laugh...He asked me if there was a war on? I told him i'm not old mother Hubbard i'm a girl who likes things in my cupboard! 

I will be painting the inside of the doors this weekend in a colour....I would like to add and 'no it won't be pink' but you never know with me do you? :)

Steve laid all new floorboards in the  room that is in the center of the cottage that leads into the garden room where we will eventually have french doors and our dining table,At the moment it is filled with all kinds of rubbish which i have to clean away next time i'm at Shingle Cottage. 

You see the window at the far end? well we have now decided that will be french doors and this weekend Steve is cladding the ceiling in the garden room and cladding a lot of the walls too...There is a little step down into the garden room which i love and then there will be another step down into the garden.

This is the view from the step looking backwards into the hallway,You can see i have the vac out as i knew you were coming to look at what had been done since your last visit and i like Shingle Cottage tidy for you girls.

You can also see what a difference white floors make too!

The skirting boards are primed and ready for top coat and the two white cupboard doors are primed and ready for a paint job i have in mind.

These two rooms don't look much now but they are going to be coastal blues,Grey's and white's,White China,Silverware and cut glass.

So now you are all caught up on what has been happening since you last stopped by :)

We always take a car full of belongings and small pieces of furniture with us on a weekend and this time i decided to bring this wicker picnic hamper along,I don't think it has been used as everything is too pristine,Maybe it's because it is so big and heavy? It has bone china plates with lily of the valley on. 
Lots of little storage tubs and jars and i think i will add to these and pop a set of napkins in there too.

I can imagine sitting by a river in my straw hat sipping tea from these pretty little cups can't you?...We have been on the look out for a portable wind up gramophone so that we can take it with us on Summer jaunts,That would be our idea of heaven.

I also packed these two new little pink pooch bowls all ready for a little someone who is sat on my sidebar with feathers in her hair,She will be living here too soon won't she?

Oh i can't wait,Really i can't!

Join me next time for more tales and goings on from Shingle Cottage...

Friday, 1 March 2013

The Little Laundry & My Goings On

 Good morning my lovely readers!
Last time i told you i had something to show you that i had been up to well it's all here! but first i want to tell you all about the laundry room that Steve worked on last week.

We had cladded all the walls and ceiling in here and laid new floorboards before painting everything Antique White for a soft chalky glow,The boiler was installed by Steve and all the plumbing for the washing machine as that's his job,Plumber and gas fitter  and let me tell you ladies i am blessed because that has really kept our costs down.
I'll be honest with the two of us working away and not having to pay anyone to do the work on Shingle Cottage it was the only way we can make this dream of ours come true and we don't mind one bit.

'The wall to the left is packed with black insulation and we can not finish this wall until the new window is fitted hopefully later this year'  

The laundry room is tiny! really,really tiny,You couldn't get a single bed in here in either direction tiny!

So i am naming it 'The Little Laundry'

So what to do? 

A worktop was needed and i asked Steve to make me one from floorboards and told him to think potting bench,We had lots of floorboards left so why not use it up and keep costs down,plus i can now do whatever kind of paint job i like on it and i like to paint,It's no secret ;)

We talked of shelving for storage but we also wanted to hide the boiler from view.

 hmmmmm thinking caps on everyone?

We have two reclaimed pine wardrobes that will not fit anywhere in Shingle Cottage so i unscrewed one of the doors and took it into Steve and said would four of these fit across that wall?

Don't worry i have a super duper plan for the rest of the wardrobes they won't go to waste ;)
I am going to chop up and reuse as much of our furniture as i can.

 Steve loved the idea and he got to work and built a frame on top of the worktop and up to the ceiling,wall to wall...

Before i forget do you like my light? I bought it from Laura Ashley and have had it for ages tucked in a cupboard and its tin with little tin shades that i thought would be nice in here,It has a super long chain which needs sorting out at a later date.

Steve edged the worktop for a nice finish and our little laundry was starting to take shape.

On went the four doors and shelves were built inside.

All beaded in and ready for paint with lovely storage shelves! There is a lot of room in here and it's nice and warm from the boiler.

What do you think ladies airing cupboard?

 I'm going to be in the little laundry this afternoon painting away and we have talked of some shade of green/soft duck eggy aqua? and then some soft chipping here and there,I'll take my camera so i can show you next time.

Onto my goings on......Well you know in my last post i had been in the wardrobe with pink paint and pretty paper keeping myself busy?....Well my friend Sweetpea popped over and she told me my front room looked like a shop and that i couldn't fit anything else in here and how where we going to fit sofa's in here ?

I looked around 'gulp' arriving here week after week with boxes of this and that had started to take it's toll on our room.

I told her everything had a place and i would have it tidy for the morning for when she pops over to see me before i go....Why did i say that???

She joked about holding an open house and selling everything!!!!!


Well panicking just in case it was not a joke and i would return home this weekend to an empty Shingle Cottage i quickly emptied boxes and mopped and dusted and stayed up late,I hung fairy lights wrapped around rose garlands and threw a crown on the clock.

I wiggled my nose like Samantha from Bewitched  but nothing happened!

I sang ' Just a spoon full of sugar'

In ev'ry job that must be done
There is an element of fun
You find the fun and snap!
The job's a game
And ev'ry job you undertake
Becomes a piece of cake!

Good old Mary Poppins! Eesy peasy lemon squeezy!

I popped china here and candles there! hung the curtain holders and swagged the curtains!

Steve walked by on his way to the little laundry smiling as he saw the changes happening.

I placed a chair in the window with a wire table and a bird cage,Thinking somewhere nice to sit with the windows flung open behind you,Somewhere you could hear the sea and smell the roses in Summer as they waft in on a sea breeze. 

Soon is started to look like this,All romantic and dreamy just how i like it.....Once the scaffolding is gone and the garden is planted it will have a nice view too!

I brought my pink wicker sofa and the bench that Steve picked up and all of a sudden we had a room,Now it won't be staying  exactly like this once we move in as i have two white sofas to bring and some furniture but we had to stop Sweetpea selling everything off didn't we? ;)

On Sunday morning the sun was shining as i looked in and it looked so pretty to me....Oh and yes Sweetpea was shocked on Sunday morning :)

We left shortly after this so i didn't get to enjoy it so i am excited to sit in here tonight with a hot chocolate and a few marshmallows with the fairy lights twinkling and i think i will take a pile of books with me too.

Well girls i must dash i can hear Shingle Cottage calling,Steve has just washed the car and it's all packed and ready to go at lunch time,I hope you enjoyed reading about the little laundry and seeing the pictures of our room.

 I wish you a wonderful weekend wherever you are and whatever you are up to and remember when i turn the fairy lights out  tonight in Shingle Cottage we are all  under the same sky!

Join me next time for more tales and goings on from our place and yours 'Shingle Cottage'