Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Spring has Sprung

Hello,Hello! I have been missing in action haven't i? Anyone there?

Oh hello! I see you :)

I was up nice and early on Sunday morning at Shingle Cottage and while Steve had a much needed lay in i had a lovely half hour with a slice of battenburg,An almond finger and the latest copy of Country Living....Heaven on earth it was for me in my little kitchen by the sea......

With Vera Lynn  singing away as i drank my cup of tea it was a lovely way to wake up....The old ones are the best as they say!

We love Strawberry jam on toast and honey in tea for our breakfast...Tea and toast is nice anytime of day though isn't it?

A little display i created now that Spring is on it's way i'm calling it 'April In Paris!'

Pretty pots and candy colored flowers help say goodbye to Winter......Mini bunting in aqua and pink that i have ready to hang in a little spot  where the oven will be.....

Steve fit an extractor fan under the old cupboards for when the oven arrives which meant i had to take all the little shelves of china and cupboards down....

But that was a good thing  because the wire shelf on the left i had put too high last time and i couldn't get much on the top shelf so i was happy i could move it lower down.....I moved the baking cupboard with the glass door over to the right with a matching pink shelf that i will be able to pop baking things on.

We were given another butchers block too which has had it's first coat of pink paint,you can just see it on the left and that made the decision to have a smaller cream cooker right in the middle so i can have working tops on either side,Ignore the pile of  bits to be painted and the  put us on while we are building  microwave,Neither will be staying!

The weather was beautiful the weekend before last and gulls soared high above Shingle Cottage.... 

It must have been lovely for them to feel the warmth of the sun on their feathers as they glided high above....

The pigeons joined them as they set off on their huge circle of flight with the sun flashing on their wings,I love to watch them do this and it always makes me stop what i am doing and it makes me smile reminding me off my childhood home and the pigeons that would circle my parents house.

They fly out over the sea and back over their home and over Shingle Cottage their wings making a ruffled beating and then back out to sea! Their they go!!!! Round and round and round until they land happily on their home and walk about cooing and chattering to each other before settling down....

Although we are still having bitterly cold days maybe they are feeling Spring is in the air too? 

The farmers fields are bright green and it looks wonderful against the blue skies....Aaaahhhh England's green and pleasant land.....

Our cottage garden is waking up too...The huge white daisy,Snow drops,Penstemon and daffodils are showing their heads too....I have some gardening on my horizon and i can not wait!

Back inside you can see i wallpapered inside the wardrobe Steve built and painted where the shelves will be in pink.....A little more work to be done in here.

Steve popped the chandelier up in the bedroom too and we hung it from the middle of the beam he made,I need to get up there this week and put it's pink bobeche dishes on and hang the rest of the crystals...I brought my Frenchy bedside cabinets in too to see how they looked against the pink walls,I need to put the marble tops on this weekend,Always something to do but always getting closer to home...

Steve has been busy building in the laundry room and i was up to something last weekend that i want to show you next time,I have lots of pictures and i think i will write my next blog post tonight and then you can read all about it before or over your weekend.

Join me next time for tales from the Laundry and my goings on from Shingle Cottage....

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Making friends through blogging

 Here at Shingle Cottage i write about my life and all about our cottage,things that are happening and things that have happened and you reply to me in comments and i love that,we have our conversation there,It's interactive,It's the whole reason i started to Blog,To find girls with the same interests and passions and to talk,To make friends.....

I was sent a link to a Youtube video today by my friend and it got me thinking,It's pretty amazing that by  listening and  sharing  you can be blessed with a new friendship....

You know that girl  that get's it?

 Understands what you are trying to say or achieve?

Shares your love of  old things this or new things?

Introduces you to that book you always wanted to read but you had never heard of it?

Tells you of a film you will love and you watch it and yes you love it! and you think wow how did she know?

 She has healing words when you stumble and life is hard but she can also cheer you on when you are tired and in the middle of trying to get a room in your home to look like the picture of a room you have in your head?

.....and then you smile,You have it,You have that bond,Friendship and it can be as simple and as uncomplicated as that but it's the start,friendship has many levels and all are just as special.

I'm lucky i have met  girls like this through blogging,they read my blog and i read theirs,Some i email and some email me,i chat to some on Facebook and some i leave comments on their blogs and some i chat to here in my comments...All different but somehow all the same,they all share a goodness and a happiness.

But how do you make friends through blogging?

You have to interact....

I love taking time out to read blogs and i snuggle up somewhere cozy with my pup and a blanket and read what is going on in my friends lives and i comment....If you don't comment no one knows you are there.

Can you really be friends with a girl you have never met? 

Who lives in a country you have never been to?

Yes i believe you can because most girls share a lot online and you don't have to guess if you have anything in common because you just read she wears your perfume or loves to take a long hot bubble bath with candles just like you do,She paints furniture! You paint furniture!
The list is endless.....

They share hopes and dreams,good and bad times and those girls are out there now hitting publish on their blogs and waiting for you to read and comment and make friends,How do i know this? because i'm doing it too....

Does that sound needy? No i don't think it does everyone needs friends,friends make life more fun,the friends i have made through blogging have opened my eyes to a lot of things i may never have known about.
Reading a Blog is simply listening to a person who is telling you about their day,their home or past and all you have to do is answer....
It's simple....When you read that blog and you think to yourself oh i love that too or i do that,tell her,leave a comment,let her know....Trust me she will be thrilled. 

 We all share some pretty personnel things time to time out here in Blogland,Things we wouldn't share with a stranger in every day life or would we if we were given the chance?


Every time we hit publish on a new post are we really saying..... 

'Take a seat and make a friend' ?

For those of you that are thinking of writing a blog my advice would be to just do it!
 Write about your life,Hopes,Dreams and ambitions and yes it will be interesting to the girl out there waiting to read it who shares that common  interest you just wrote about or who has an answer to the question you just asked....

Get typing!

'Friends and good manners will carry you where money won't go'
Margaret Walker

Join me next time for more tales and goings on from Shingle Cottage....


Sunday, 10 February 2013


I pray daily  so when i saw a wrought iron cross while out shopping a while ago it quickly found it's way into our shopping basket and arrived home with us.

After a little work it now  looks like this..

I Mixed Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (tm) Old White & Antibes Green for the cross and Duck Egg Blue & Old White for the base.
I had a Capidomonte candlestick that i picked up in a charity shop for a few pounds and i took to it with a pair of pliers,I wore gloves and safety goggles as it can splinter,I placed the pliers at the base of each flower and twisted to the side breaking it clean off.

Here they are free and ready to be glued to the cross. 

The roses were originally shades of orange and yellow...

So i repainted them with layers of pink Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (tm) in Old White with a little Emperors silk & Primer Red.

Once dry i stuck them to the cross with Stixall which Steve uses a lot at work,It worked brilliantly,I left it overnight to dry and the Stixall painted over on the back of the cross very easily to blend together.
What do you think to how it turned out? I love it...

Back at Shingle Cottage the plate rack in the kitchen had some more china piled upon it, Unfortunately my glass bon bon jar on the top shelf wouldn't fit with it's lid so i will have to find a new home for it once we are moved in,Maybe in the bathroom filled with soaps?
I plan to add hooks to each shelf on the plate rack and hang rows of pretty tea cups all along,There is also a ledge on each shelf to stand plates up against the wall so i will be adding rows of them too,I want the whole thing piled up!

A string of pretty fairy lights and some mini bunting wouldn't go a miss either :) 

I brought a little picture you can see on the middle shelf with me too that's from the 1930's and it's painted on silk,I think we need a closer look.... 

Ah that's better.......I love the tree,stone house and the pink sky and of course the Swallows they are one of my favourite birds,So graceful and beautiful to watch on a Summer's day.

I want my kitchen a bit more floral too and have my eye on this Cath Kidston Antique Rose Wallpaper below,I have spied it in many an English home here in Blogland and from bedroom to hallway to kitchen it always looks cozy and cottage looking.

The wall at one end of the kitchen is a little plain we find and after bringing this wall shelf i had made over,which we are going to hang next weekend,i had a light bulb moment!
The wallpaper i used inside is vintage from the 1940/50's and it reminds me of the Cath Kidston wallpaper and wouldn't that wall look a lot more exciting and cottage cozy with roses Growing all over the wall? 

Ooooh so many decisions to make and do you know i  just love it!
There is nothing i enjoy more than decorating this little cottage of ours,You can keep your diamonds and luxury cruises,Give me a whisk and play some golden oldies and i'm at my happiest.
We sat snuggled this afternoon choosing a cooker online so it won't be too long until i'm baking away....It's freezing here tonight and snow is forecast later,Steve is hoping it's a nice covering so we can have a sleep in,Fingers crossed because i am too.

Right i best go get the chicken out of the oven,We are having a late dinner here tonight and i am starving! Sunday roast is so comforting to me and it smells like home.

I hope you have stayed cozy and warm girls and that your weekend has been beautiful what ever you have been up to.

Join me next time for more tales and goings on from Shingle Cottage...

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Thank You x


It's just me,I'm popping back in to say a huge thank you for being there with such heartfelt comments when i needed them the most,They lifted me up,Truly like you have no idea,I couldn't reply to them like i normally do as every time i read them i had tears running down my face as many of you have sadly had similar experiences,Heart breaking,Really it is Heart breaking and so unfair.

You girls are the kindest sweetest friends a girl could be lucky enough to have,
I am blessed and lucky that you stop by here to say hi and give me words of encouragement or just to make me smile,Thank you to each and everyone of you xxx

It was so great travelling with Steve Friday afternoon listening to him talk about his day and seeing how the landscape had changed since my last visit,Fields are plowed and some are green,I spotted  two  beautiful roe deer munching on fresh green shoots in one of the fields,they are very cute.

It was cold when we arrived at Shingle Cottage and snow was falling but after a hot chocolate and the heating turned up full we were nice and cozy.

I have to be honest i was not into it at all and found my work on Saturday a real struggle,My heart wasn't in it at all but i pushed myself and did what i had to and i did it to the best of my ability too as i don't want to have to go over it all on a happier day now do i ?

I feel damaged and talked to Mum about it and she agreed how things would never be the same and that made me think ok then they will be different? and that's what i'm working on.
I'm taking it slow and i listened to your words,I'm feeling,Just letting it wash over me,It's hard because i want to ignore it,It hurts to feel and have memories of my Sister come at me with an open heart but you know i am remembering good things too,Things i had forgotten from when we were young,Things from our Summer place,Things that are making me smile.

I made over this little cabinet with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (tm) i used Scandinavian Pink & Old Ochre and dark wax.

It started out just as a plain pine cabinet.

With orange wicker baskets.

I painted the planks in stripes of colour and once dry i added a lot of dark wax to give a nice vintage look......
I wiped the dark wax in the centers of the planks and left it nice and heavy top and bottom as you can see below.

The top was decoupaged in a pretty chintz rose and it had three top coats to seal it so it can now be wiped.

The baskets came with cotton liners so i added some hand dyed lace all around the top,I love sewing! It's very therapeutic and like gardening you can lose yourself for hours.

This is how they turned out...I painted the baskets with Chalk Paint (tm) too i used Old White and
then dry brushed Versailles on top.

I might pop it in the bottom of the wardrobe in the bedroom for extra storage although Steve and my friend Sweetpea want it in the bathroom.

I sealed all the wood in the wardrobe at the weekend and gave it two coats of pink and painted the floor and ceiling inside.

The back wall is going to be papered in Laura Ashley Jossette in Linen below,I asked Cindy from Cindys Fractured Fairytale  for help!
I emailed her over and over with different patterns and we chatted about how they would look with jeans and pretty dresses etc and narrowed it down to this which we think will go with anything.
I want it pretty inside,Really pretty,I can't wait to do and show you what i have planned.

Thanks Cindy xxx

Oh i have to show you this too and tell you the story behind it.

Steve was driving along by himself when he spotted this Swedish bench outside a junk shop with a sign on it saying garden bench for sale thirty pounds...Steve said he braked that hard he nearly bumped his head on the windscreen and he said he did think about offering twenty five but figured he was getting such a great deal he felt mean and the guy was really happy  for once he had not be bartered down.

It has lots of storage inside too....Talking of the inside it needs a lick of paint any suggestions? A bright pop of colour maybe ?

 (i hope everyone says pink and only i can read this it's invisible text)

I have been cycling for an hour a day on my exercise bike for the last few weeks,I read there is a strong link between happy and exercise so i am making it a part of my daily life....Once we move i will step it up walking Beatrix on the beach and making changes in my diet too.

I cycle while watching this crazy programme on TV all about a group of housewife's in Beverley Hills,It was on by chance the first time i started and it just stuck,they are all skinny and blow dried with in an inch of their lives so it makes me pedal faster.
One of the housewives is English,She has a little dog that goes everywhere with her and she loves pink!!

Can you imagine? ;)

Join me next time for more tales and goings on from Shingle Cottage...