Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Easy,pretty Lace Covered Jam Jar

I wanted to make my own version of a pretty lace covered jam jar but i wanted to use it in the kitchen and one of the must's was that i would be able to wash the lace and the jam jar..

So here is something pretty,easy and washable for you to make if you wish....

You will need.....

1. Jam Jar
2. lace or crochet doilie
3. Length of ribbon
4. Rhinestone Button
5. A Feather

I measured my doilie to make sure it would be long enough to reach the top of my jam jar before i started.

Thread your chosen ribbon evenly  through the holes in the edge of the doilie...i did mine a little down from the edge so to create a stand up ruffle when finished.

Pop your jam jar in the center and  pull both ends of the ribbon until it starts to tighten around the can then lift  the doilie up the jam jar with your fingers until it reaches the top....
Tie the ribbon in a knot and then into a bow,Then ruffle the edge of the doilie around the top of the jam jar until it is evenly spaced and looks pretty...
Take your feather and gently feed it through the back of your chosen button until you have a stem as shown below..
Then push the stem of the feather down the back of your bow and arrange until it is sits straight..If your feather falls forward just gently feed the feather through a little more until you have a longer stem..

 Then pop in your paper straws.....All done! 

 Once displayed you can coo over how pretty it looks  knowing that once it starts to look a little tired you can undo the bow,pop the doilie  and ribbon in the wash,soak the jam jar and then be ready to pop it back together again.
Pink not your colour? 

you could try this with red ribbon and red straws or candy canes for Christmas!
Blue ribbon and blue striped straws and  a shell instead of a rhinestone button!
You could dye your doilie any colour you wish and fill the jar with flowers!
Let me know if you have any other ideas?

Join me next time for more crafty goings on from Shingle Cottage...



  1. So pretty! Love the feather and added bling too!

    1. Thanks Anne :)
      You can't go wrong with fluff and sparkles can you? xxx

  2. Very lovely ... it would make a very pretty tealight holder too ... the light would peep through the lacy holes xxx

    1. Oh yes good idea! Thank you! i will have to try that xxx

  3. Very pretty! I will give this a try...

    Amy JO

  4. Hi I just adore the jam jar idea I have lots of doileys and jam jars so I will certainly have a go at one of these, such a simple idea but sooooo pretty.Kind Regards Pam.

    1. Hi Pam :) i am going to makes some more myself,so easy and like you say so pretty too xxx

  5. That is so pretty! I think I will make one with two ribbons threaded through together, one red and one green, and fill it with candy canes for the season, and use one or two small bells instead of the button. It will be so easy to change it after the holidays. Love it!

    1. Hi Sandra,
      What a great idea to use two colored ribbons! i think we could all have way too much fun with this ;) xxx

  6. That is so pretty--what a great project!


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