Monday, 15 October 2012

Seascape Antiqued Annie Sloan Style

After showing you my first seascape makeover the other day and seeing it finished on my screen it  made me want to finish off the remaining two seascapes i have for Shingle Cottage......So here is the second and a little tutorial on how i achieved  it.....

If you missed the first seascape makeover you can read all about it here

Thank you all for your kind comments on my first seascape makeover and a big Hello to all my new followers,Welcome aboard!............

I have been wanting to try my Annie Sloan Craqueleur ever since it arrived about three weeks ago and today it was perfect and did exactly what i wanted it to.....
I picked up the oil seascape below  for pounds and it is was new and very shiny......I loved the sea and gull theme but wasn't crazy about how fresh it looked but i brought it home anyway thinking to myself that i would come up with a plan to Antique it some how......
While out rummaging around an old dusty shop some where in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales i came across the most beautiful Antique  frame with baby below and as much as the baby is beautiful i knew i was buying it only for the frame but i will save the baby for a future project.....
Out came baby giggles and all and the glass was given a really good soapy wash.....
I then roughly cut the oil seascape from its frame and placed the glass on top.....i scored a line around the glass with the edge of the scissors.... 
And cut it to the exact size.......I liked it better already for just being oval and how it made the gull on the left look like he was now swooping it to view...... 
I then painted the whole of the seascape with Craqueleur step one and left it to dry.......The tub off Decoupage you see below i am using on a project today that i will be sharing with you very soon...... 
After Craqueleur step one had dried i applied Craqueleur step two over the top and i brushed some on thick here and there and some thinly...............I heated it all over with a hairdryer as this is how you get it to crack and make your project look old and vintage.....
I had my Annie Sloan Dark & Light Wax waiting ready to go......i applied the clear wax all over the seascape and buffed it in a little.....
You can see here how the Craqueleur had worked its magic.......I loaded a cloth with dark wax.... 
And worked it in all over the seascape until it was all dark and dull looking ....If you have never used the dark wax before this will be the part where you think OH NO!!!!!!  but just keep going working  your dark wax it to all the cracks.......The dark wax is the look a lot of us want but are too scared to use and it is such a beautiful effect when all finished....
Next i loaded a cloth with clear wax and began rubbing the seascape where i wanted it to look lighter.....As long as you put clear wax under the dark wax you can always remove the dark wax after...
 So clear wax everywhere,then dark wax over the top,then clear wax to remove dark where desired....
The picture below shows the true colours in the seascape.....Around the bottom you can see the crackled effect which is achieved just brushing on step two....See the part above that looks like frost on a window? that is achieved by very thick step two applied in lines with the side of your paint brush.....just dash here and there over your piece....
  The two seascapes together.......To think how they looked when i first found them.........
I hope this inspires you to try the Annie Sloan Craqueleur & Dark Wax if you have not so far as they are both fabulous products and you can see the results for yourself....

There is something really romantic and nostalgic about seascapes....Almost as if you can look into one and see that perfect day at the beach from yesteryear....You can daydream a while thinking were the skies really that  blue? you can almost hear the sea and gulls calling overhead and trying to think how sand feels in between your toes..................

I never dreamed Shingle Cottage would inspire me so much...My creativity at the moment is full on and i intend to go use it on that third seascape....

Join me next time for Seascapes,Decoupage and more tales from Shingle Cottage......


  1. I wish I was as brave as you with the dark wax I bought some when I bought my Annie Sloan paint but have been too afraid to use it in case I make a mess if things. Your pictures look beautiful. Kind Regards Kay

  2. Thank you Kay,
    How about painting a piece of scrap wood first to try your dark wax on? it's not as scary as you think because it just lifts off with the clear wax if you decide it's too dark and it looks so beautiful x

  3. Oh that is incredibly creative and what a tremendous result!! Love this Krissie!!

  4. Thank you Amy,
    I really love the Craqueleur its amazing!! xxx

  5. I love all this pretty beachy stuff--you are so talented! Images of the sea just totally relax me!

    1. As are you Sandy ;) Thank you i love the freshness of beachy bits and bobs x

  6. What amazing difference. I love the way it came out, the oval frame is just the perfect thing for it.

    1. Hi Sandra,
      It really is amazing how it changed a new picture so much,i can not stop looking at it x

  7. Gorgeous!!!! Annie's Craqueleur is one of my favorite products.

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

    1. t hank you Janet,
      I am looking at everything in our home thinking hmmmmmm could i crackle that? xxx

  8. I would not think to refinish a picture. I would just hang it as it was. No new frame, no crackle, just hang it. I guess that's one reason why I follow you about. I have this dream: to wander around the Yorkshire Dales. I've been to York twice and so desperately want to return to hike the heath at Haworth and poke around in antique stores. Fingers crossed. In the meantime, I'll just tag along with you.

    1. Hi Ann :)
      I like your dream of wandering around the Yorkshire Dales,i hope it comes true! When it does let me know as we will come follow you around for a change ;) maybe have a nice cream tea? xx

  9. I have been meandering through some of your posts and they are full of charm and loveliness.
    I found you through mutual followers and I hope that you will become a mutual follower, too.
    Your new blogging sister, Connie :)

    1. Hello Connie :)
      Thank you!I will be sure to pop on over and visit you xxx


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